TA Boxall Engineering: First-Class Commercial Electric Boiler Services

Established in 1935, TA Boxall Engineering is a family grown engineering company with a division in commercial electric boiler solutions. Our reputation as an authority in electric boilers comes from our years of providing a broad range of electric boiler products and services to both small and large commercial establishments in the United Kingdom.

Our sole aim is to enhance the lives and businesses of our customers. That way, we also enhance, not just our status as experts on commercial electric boilers in the U.K., but those of our partners too.

Our Commercial Electric Boiler Experts at TA Boxall Engineering

Projects pertaining to electric boilers cannot be handled by just anyone. Relevant engineering qualifications must be met. For instance, if an electric boiler is badly installed, it can lead to electrical components melting or burning. In some cases, this can be life threatening.

This is why you need to always hire reputable engineering experts, who have worked on a diverse range of electric boilers, to administer your commercial electric boiler project. At TA Boxall Engineering, our engineers are highly trained commercial electric boiler experts with years of experience.

They are all registered with Gas Safe, and our meticulous selection process guarantees that they rank among the best in the industry. Also, we are dedicated to updating their skills to ensure that they adapt properly to rising trends in the industry.

Our Commercial Electric Boiler Experts at TA Boxall Engineering

When undertaking an electric boiler project, the use of the right equipment is paramount. Otherwise, you risk your commercial electric boilers developing faults, perhaps, because of loose wiring or bad installation. This, of course, can endanger you and your property. Therefore, always use an engineering company that is sufficiently and rightly equipped. At TA Boxall Engineering, we employ specialised equipment in our commercial electric boiler

services. In the deft hands of our experts, these tools make for precision and speed in our work, and ensure that we deliver on every electric boiler project without any hassle or any damage to our clients’ property.

Why Choose TA Boxall Engineering Commercial Electric Boiler Services?

  • Our electric boiler hardware and services are durable.
  • We are accredited by AEMT, BAFE, ATEX, ISO9001, ATEX, and NICEIC.
  • Our electric boiler products and services are eco-friendly.
  • We employ specialised electric boiler tools in our works.
  • Our commercial electric boiler services are cost-effective.

  • We have over 80 years of electric boiler expertise.

  • We offer 24/7 emergency electric boiler services.

  • We give you personalised electric boiler services.

Our Guarantee

  • Over 80 years experience
  • Unrivaled experience
  • An exceptional service
  • Unbeatable value for money
  • Industry-approved installers
  • A full range of electrical services
  • Professional, reliable and diligent
  • 100% safety and satisfaction

TA Boxall Engineering Commercial Electric Boiler Installation

A commercial electric boiler installation carried out by a nonprofessional is one with a high probability of breaking down easily. In fact, an electric boiler installed poorly can lead to units overheating or fuses blowing. And installing a unit without proper protection from limescale can translate to numerous defects that can render your electric boiler ineffective in the future. Therefore, always go for professional engineers when looking for contractors to install your electric boiler.

TA Boxall Engineering works with expert engineers and incorporate more than 80 years of expertise in its commercial electric boiler installation service. What you get in the end is a properly installed commercial electric boiler that is durable.

TA Boxall Engineering Commercial Electric Boiler Repairs and Replacement

At TA Boxall Engineering, we also provide professional electric boiler repair and replacement services. Whether you are having a relay burnout, faulty heating elements, burnt out wiring, or faulty pressure reducing valve, our engineers can help fix the issue or install a replacement.

Other commercial electric boiler issues that we can attend to include printed circuit board failure, leaking valves and pipes, noisy pumps, faulty programmer, leaking safety discharge, faulty expansion vessel, faulty combination valve, and noisy boiler operation. We can also correct poor boiler installation.

The Commercial Electric Boiler Assurances We Offer at TABoxall Engineering

Cost-effective Commercial Electric Boiler Solutions

At TA Boxall Engineering, we partner with reputable electric boiler producers to offer our customers commercial electric boiler hardware, components, and accessories at wholesale prices. This is in a bid to make our services cost-effective for our clients.

Our engineers will walk you through your options and provide expert guidance all the way. That way, you will be able to select a commercial electric boiler package that balances your needs with your budget.

Our Electric Boiler Solutions Guarantee Customer Satisfaction

At TA Boxall Engineering, we understand that businesses thrive when they maintain healthy relationships with their clients and partners. Through our flexible approach to service delivery, which ensures that each commercial electric boiler project receives personalised attention, we are able to nail our clients’ specifications to the tiniest detail and highest standards.

We do this because we are committed to delivering pure customer satisfaction in our commercial electric boiler solutions.

24/7 Emergency Commercial Electric Boiler Solutions

Despite that proper maintenance can extend the life of an electric boiler and even minimise the frequency of breakdowns, a boiler can develop a defect without warning. When that happens in a facility such as a hotel, the shortage of hot water supply can turn your guests against your staff or mar your business operations.

But don’t worry. TA Boxall Engineering is here to rescue you from such crisis using its emergency electric boiler installation and repair services, which are available 24/7 across the U.K. The best part is that we will respond to your emergencies in under an hour.

Eco-friendly Commercial Electric Boiler Solutions

At TA Boxall Engineering, we believe that every establishment has a responsibility to protect the earth’s life support system. Because of that belief, we developed a green policy that guides us towards our goal of providing electric boiler solutions that are environmentally friendly.

In addition, we only partner with producers that maintain ethical environmental policies and deal with commercial electric boilers that are energy efficient.

TA Boxall Engineering Commercial Electric Boiler Accreditations

BAFE certified

AEMT membership

ISO9001 approved

NICEIC Endorsement

The fact that TA Boxall Engineering commercial electric boiler services are accredited by these great bodies shows our commitment to quality, safety, and various other regulations and standards of the industry.

TA Boxall Engineering Commercial Electric Boiler Hardware Supply

TA Boxall Engineering is the contractor to contact when you need durable commercial electric boiler hardware, components, and accessories in the U.K., whether for a new installation or as replacements for faulty electric boiler systems or parts. Some of the electric boilers we supply include under-floor heating boilers, combi boilers, heat only boilers, back boilers, and system boilers.

TA Boxall Engineering Comprehensive Commercial Electric Boiler Solution

TA Boxall Engineering can handle all types of commercial electric boiler projects. We have installed boilers in hotels, and we have replaced boiler components in office premises. Our electric boiler experts have also worked in factories, leisure centres, and agricultural farms. Therefore, the complexity or uniqueness of your commercial electric boiler needs is not a barrier. Our engineers are equal to the task.

Give TA Boxall Engineering a call on 01293 820133 to leverage our affordable eco-friendly commercial electric boiler services in the United Kingdom. We are here to help you!

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