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As an NICEIC accredited company, we have the experience and certification to install durable pumps for your building’s specific needs. TA Boxall electricians are well-trained and will set up your equipment in line with UK electrical and building standards. All projects we work on have been certified Institute of Electrical and Technology (IET) compliant.

Whether you want new pump installations or maintenance of existing ones, we are the go-to professionals to provide the right materials for your property. We also conduct pump inspections and perform refurbishment services.


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Basic types of pumps and their functions

Pumps are used in domestic and commercial buildings to convey liquids and gases by the use of mechanical action. Three main groups of pumps include; displacement, direct lift, and gravity pumps. Other types of pump fall into these three groups, each with their own function. They include

  • Vacuum pumps
  • Water pumps
  • Trash pumps
  • Hydraulic pumps
  • Sump pumps

It is important to determine what type of pump you need before committing financially to a new purchase. One of our professional contractors can guide you in making this decision. It is also important to consider pump maintenance because this helps extend your pump’s life cycle, saving you time and money.

1. Installation of vacuum pumps

It can be confusing to decide what type of pump to install, especially if you are doing it on your own. Vacuum pumps expel gas from a sealed volume, leaving in its place a partial vacuum. There are three main ways to achieve this

Positive displacement
Here, the cavity is expanded by using a mechanism that allows gases to enter the chamber. Once

inside, the cavity is shut tight, and the gas exhaust is released into the atmosphere. And the cycle begins all over again.

Momentum transfer

In this pump, gas molecules are pushed out of the chamber using high-speed jets of a dense fluid or blade rotating at high speed. This is also known as a molecular pump.


This type of pump captures gases in an absorbed or solid state. It also has the ability to reach an ultra-high vacuum state, although it is not sustainable.

Our contractors use vacuum pumps to create low to high vacuums. This is effective in electronics development. For example, superconductors, or any application that needs a sort of vacuum to function.

2. Installation of water pumps

Water pumps, as they are aptly named, pump water. Whether in your car or at your home or office, the pump is used to draw water from a tank or underground wells to be used in pressured tanks. The following are types of water pumps and their functions.

Vehicle water pump
They help regulate water flow through the cooling

system of a vehicle. If the seal breaks, the whole pump will need to be changed.

Well water pump

These pumps draw water from underground, to be used in offices, homes and industrial plants. You will need to install a pump that is strong enough to feed the number of bathrooms and sinks in the location. Our professionals start by inspecting your premises to determine the power and pump capacity the building will need.

Pressure tank water pump

Pressure tank water pumps are installed in the home or commercial location. They regulate the water pressure at the site throughout the year- controlling its flow to various areas of the building or surrounding premises. They may cost more to set up, so it is important to service your pumps from time to time.

3. Installation of trash pumps

The primary function of a trash pump is to pump waste water. They are more often used in pumping bathroom waste from the basement to higher levels for disposal. Wastewater can contain both soft and hard solids. There are four main types of trash pumps.

Syringe pump
These particular pumps eliminate precise amounts of fluid at a specific interval. Infusion pumps are used to process fluids at super speeds, while withdrawal pumps remove fluids automatically.

Sanitary pump

In factories such as distilleries, food processors and breweries, sanitary pumps are used to process foods and other substances that need a high level of sanitation. Our contractors can install sanitary pumps to help maintain the expected quality standards of commercial products.

Progressive cavity pump

These pumps move fluids and slurries with solids in suspension. Generally, fluids are transported into storage tanks via trash pumps, or in pipelines which can be cleaned easily.

Positive displacement pump

Positive displacement pumps use mechanical force to move liquid about. This is usually done through mechanisms such as gears, pistons, and diaphragms. Power is often provided by hydraulics, solar or water panels.

It is advisable to clean trash pumps on a periodic basis. They are used to transport liquids that’s may contain significant amounts of foods and similar solids which can easily get stuck. TA Boxall Engineering provides emergency pump cleaning services for commercial establishments.

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4. Installation of hydraulic pumps

Hydraulic pumps are used in systems with a hydraulic drive. These types of pumps may be hydrostatic (positive displacement) or hydrodynamic (variable or fixed displacement). There are six types of hydraulic pumps;

Gear pumps

This is the most common type and is widely used in chemical installations. The two main versions of gear pumps are internal gear pumps and external gear pumps.

Rotary vane pumps
This pump is made up of blades affixed on a rotor; the rotor spins within a cavity. The vanes may vary in length or touch the wall as the pump rotates. They are mostly used in automatic transmissions and power steering.

Screw pump

This pump goes back to ancient times and was initially used in irrigation systems and for transporting solids such as rice or wheat. A positive displacement pump may contain one or many screws, used in moving materials along the spindle of its screw.

Bent axis pump

This comes in two main designs; the Wahlmark-principle with a 40-degree angle and the Thoma-principle which has a maximum distance of 25 degrees between the driveshaft and pistons. It provides excellent efficiency.

Axial piston pump

These pumps use the swash plate principle to function as an independent pump, a hydraulic motor or as an air conditioner compressor in a vehicle. They are extremely reliable.

Radial piston pump

The pistons on a radial pump extend around the drive shaft in a symmetrical fashion. This is applied in various systems including machine tool making, injection moulding, wind energy and testing rigs.

TA Boxall Engineering contractors will first decide whether you need an open or closed system pump before choosing the type of hydraulic pump to install.

5. Installation of Sump pumps

Sump pumps are installed to drain water from a water-collecting basin known as a sump. They are used mainly in basements and other low-level locations within a business or home prone to flood. This is especially effective in basements that sit below the water level. Sump pumps come in two main designs:

Pedestal sump pump

The motor is fixed on top of the sump, allowing it to be serviced conveniently. It is more conspicuous as a result.

Submersible sump pump

This is placed totally inside the sump and properly sealed to avoid users from experiencing an electric shock.

In the event of a power failure, especially during a storm, we install a backup battery-powered sump pump to keep the systems running.

Pump testing and maintenance

It is imperative to know the status of your pumps at all times. Homeowners should get professionals to check every six months or so.
If you run a commercial establishment where pumps are useful for day to day operations, you are advised to set up a risk assessment schedule that includes testing the condition of your pumps. If you don’t have one, TA Boxall Engineering provides its customers with an annual plan where we come around periodically, to inspect the condition of your electrical wiring and pump systems.
Pump maintenance is essential to avert accidents or unnecessary expenditure in the future. It can save you money, in the long run, to maintain your pumps regularly. When we set up a maintenance schedule, our contractors ensure they account for time and quality as a means for preventative care. This identifies and eliminates small problems before they escalate into major ones.

Pump refurbishment

Over time, pumps and other mechanical components tend to wear away and reduce efficiency. At this point, they are due for replacement, or they may affect production or damage other devices in the home.

TA Boxall Engineering performs pump refurbishment services for all sorts of clients. We use high-quality materials to ensure every part is replaced and working in brand new conditions. This promotes mechanical efficiency.

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