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What Is Industrial Lighting?

Industrial lighting is the illumination of an industrial environment to ensure workplace safety and to facilitate workers’ activities. Lighting should be considered a primary concern, to ensure safety in an industrial setting. Research has also proven that sufficient light in the workplace plays a major role in boosting and maintaining workers’ productivity.

But artificial lighting (i.e. any lighting that isn’t daylight) can be expensive, especially for large industrial structures. Also, the wrong use and poor application of lights can lead to unnecessary lighting, which is a waste of energy.

Good Lighting

An industrial plant’s system of illumination has to satisfy a certain minimum standard for it to count as efficient and cost effective rather than wasteful.

Safety, energy optimization, and improved productivity, are things an organization should aim to accomplish when putting a lighting system in place. Achieving these will help to reduce the annual cost of electric lighting and will establish an organization’s reputation as a leader in safety.

Other tangible and intangible benefits of an optimal lighting system include;

  • Improved quality control during production.
  • Improved visibility for workers.
  • Less frequent headaches and eye fatigue complaints.
  • Better aesthetics, i.e. a better-looking workplace.
  • Increased employee morale.
  • And better security – can’t catch what you can’t see in a poorly lit environment.

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Current Technology Trends In Industrial Lighting

1. Evolving lighting technologies.

Recent lighting innovations have arrived with an assortment of benefits. Iviti produces DC LED chip lamps that don’t require a driver (drivers are small integrated circuits that supply the electricity required by a lamp). Isotera has begun sales of a lighting that uses a central hub which has each been plugged directly into a bus cable. There are also power-over-Ethernet, i.e. electricity to lamps provided through data cables.

1. The age of LED Retrofit lamps.

LED lighting is extremely efficient and lasts for longer periods before failing. Because of their efficiency, they’ve helped business owners who use them to cut down the cost of running their industries. And those who are not yet LED users have begun retrofitting their traditional lighting to harness LEDs unique properties.

2. The internet of things.

Lights that are connected to the internet might seem impractical. But work has been done to add sensors, cameras and other kinds of online connections to lighting.

3. No need for wires.

Going wireless is the norm and goal for most tools nowadays, and lighting is about to join their ranks.

4. Smarter lights.

Smart lighting is the new frontier for lighting fixtures. Work is progressing on making dimmers, switches, and sensors intelligent and sophisticated enough to communicate with other equipment.

5. Programmable lighting.

Innovative companies are beginning to explore the power of strategic lighting with programmable lights that can change colour and tone, to suit the desire of the controller.

6. Healthier lighting

Lights play a big role in influencing workplace productivity- how well some people learn and how rapidly some recuperate from illness. Lighting manufacturers are beginning to put this knowledge into practice by making products that promote health and on-the-job learning.

7. The increasing use of innovative materials.

For example, the proposed use of graphene in lighting. Graphene’s relatively high conductivity can allow for it to generate brighter, longer-lasting and more efficient lighting.

Lighting Options For Industrial Light Fixtures

There are a number of options when it comes to industrial lighting. The key is to provide a lit environment that closely simulates natural light, but without it being harsh on the eyes of workers. The lighting options listed below each have unique benefits geared towards improving employee performance.

Halogen Lighting

This is known for generating very bright white light. It ensures good working conditions for some people but has a negative effect on others because of the glare. One thing to be wary of when it comes to halogen lighting is the amount of heat it generates.

Full Spectrum Industrial Lighting

Most full spectrum lights come in swing arm fixtures because of their manoeuvrability and the ability to direct light at what is at hand. This form of lighting is the closest mimic of natural light, and it has been described as an ideal form of lighting for those in a workplace environment.

Fluorescent Lighting

This can be argued to be the best choice for lighting a large area. Fluorescents yield a blue-white light that renders optimal illumination. For energy efficiency, it is also a good choice and is quite popular in industrial lighting. But its use of mercury, which is environmentally unfriendly, as part of its makeup, has caused a drop in fluorescent’s popularity in recent times.

High-Intensity Discharge Lighting (HID

This is very similar to halogen lighting. But they don’t generate as much heat or consume as much power as halogen lamps.

Incandescent Lighting

This has a yellowish tinge to its glow, but it’s very useful in providing direct light in workspaces where assemblage is a common task. Incandescent lights can be commonly found in desk lamps.

LED Lighting

This is the current crowd’s favourite because of its energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, and long working lifespan.

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Why You Should Convert To Efficient Lighting

Using good lighting to reduce absenteeism.

Artificial lighting tends to cause glare. The occasional or frequent flickering of these lights have also been known to be the origin of sight-related complaints, be it aching eyes, dry eyes, blurred vision, headaches, or all combined. Also, musculoskeletal injuries can be obtained from constant bending and straining to squint for a better view of something.

All of the above ailments lead up to sick leave which amounts to absent workers. It is important to have proper and adequate lighting (not dim, neither too glaring) to avoid giving employees one more reason to skip work.

Productivity levels can be driven by lighting.

A study indicated that workers who work daily under artificial light are more prone to feeling weary before closing hours. But workers using natural light were shown to be able to work for longer periods.

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