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Security is a major concern for any business owner. In addition to theft, your business premises must be guarded against fire accidents. If not controlled quickly, fire can destroy what may have taken years of hard work to accomplish. A comprehensive insurance policy is good backup, but there are many one-of-a-kind valuables that cannot be replaced.


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Fire alarms for your commercial building

The best way to fight fire is prevention. The second best is early detection. You can curb a fire in its early stages by setting up systems to alert you in the case of an emergency. There are various types of fire alarms that are suitable for certain establishments, from conventional to addressable and wireless systems; your business is safe with a combination of any of these types.

At TA Boxall, we are engineering specialists in all types of commercial fire alarms. We started as a family business over 80 years ago, and have evolved into a major service provider for engineering services. However, our homely client service is still intact.

Our services range from electrical to mechanical and industrial engineering solutions. As BS5839 pt1:2013-compliant experts, we are well-equipped to install and maintain your fire alarm systems. All TA Boxall, the UK engineers are not only highly skilled, but accredited in the latest security standards.

Are you building a new complex? Consider letting us consult and install your commercial fire alarms. You can also let us have a look at your existing systems for maintenance or repairs.

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Commercial fire alarms by TA Boxall, the UK

All fire alarms work based on the same principle – smoke or heat detector, and manual ‘break glass.’ We deal in all four major fire alarm systems. Depending on your property or the section of the building, you can install either of these alarm systems:

  • Conventional
  • Addressable
  • Analogue addressable
  • Wireless systems

Conventional fire alarm systems

In this type of alarm system, some call-points and sensors are connected to the control panel of the main fire alarm in zones. A zone represents a circuit; and naturally, we wire one circuit per floor or fire partition. The Fire Alarm Control Panel is arranged in various Zone Lamps. Zones give one a sketchy idea of where there is a fire outbreak.

It is important to know where to begin fighting the fire, and location accuracy is key. It is controlled by the number of Zones on a panel, as well as, the circuits wired into the building. The Control Panel has two sounder circuits (which may or may not contain bells), electronic sounders or other loud appliances. Each circuit has a monitoring end of line device.

At TA Boxall, we can install conventional fire alarm systems in places such as malls, and factory plants, depending on your choice.

Addressable fire alarm systems

Like the conventional commercial fire alarm, the addressable system uses the same principle, except that its Control Panel can pinpoint the exact detector or call point that triggered the alarm. The detection circuit is wired as a loop, and as many as 99 devices can be linked to each loop. The detectors are basically Conventional Detectors with an in-built address.

The address in each detector is established by dil switches, while the Control Panel is designed to show information needed when a specific detector is operated. There are Additional Field Devices present which may be connected to the loop for detection-only.

If you own a business in the UK, an addressable fire alarm is a valuable security system for your establishment. Protect your property and belongings with the right sounding system.

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We pay attention to detail. Our proven industry-leading expertise and strong focus on safety, regulation and accreditation are all key factors when choosing Boxall Engineering. Clients often invite us to get involved early in their project design to help minimise costly design oversights.

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Analogue addressable fire alarm systems

Also referred to as the Intelligent Fire Alarm System, analogue addressable fire alarms are available in different types which are dependent on the protocol type used. Most of the typical analogue sensors available, are not ‘intelligent’ because they only give off output signals showing the phenomena detected.

With the analogue addressable system, as many as 127 input devices, call-points, contact monitors, smoke detectors, heat detectors and other interface tools, can be connected to each detection loop. Similarly, about 32 output devices like Relay modules, Loop sounders, and Sounder modules may be wired.

TA Boxall, the UK has licensed fire protection engineers capable of installing this type of commercial fire alarm in your tenanted building.

Wireless commercial fire alarms

TA Boxall, the UK understands that not every commercial enterprise needs the same fire alarm system. We also know that it’s not always easy or desirable to have a hard-wired fire alarm system in some buildings. For these reasons, we provide cutting-edge wireless commercial fire alarms that contain automated smoke and heat detection.

Our state-or-the-art technology is quick and efficient in detecting smoke and heat build-up. All occupants are immediately alerted and have a better chance of exiting without harm. In addition to sounding alarms, it also triggers sprinklers and automatic fire doors and emergency notification of the fire brigade.

Our team of highly competent fire engineers in the UK are capable of installing the right commercial fire alarm specifically for your building type.

Professional consultancy on fire alarms

We have experts who give obligation-free consultancy and help property owners make intelligent decisions on fire alarm installations and repairs. We believe safety comes first.

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Service excellence

Our employees are well-trained to deliver awesome service. Whatever you want, there’ll always be a friendly face waiting to respond.

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Because of our experience and competent service, we are authorised to operate by leading safety authorities in the UK.

Value for money

Every client is guaranteed excellent service. Our rates are extremely competitive for the value of work we deliver.

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